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Dental Implants Vs. Dental Bridges – how to choose

At Victoria Village Dentistry in Riverside, our talented dental experts provide the best quality teeth bridges and dental implants. Are you or someone you care about having trouble deciding between dental implants and bridges to replace any and all missing teeth? No matter what you previously thought about both processes or the cost of [...]

Should I Have Dental Implants?

If your life is impacted by missing teeth, dental implants may be a perfect fit for you. Perhaps your dentures no longer fit as securely as before. Maybe you have loose teeth that need to be supported. Or it could be that you just want to eat, speak and smile comfortably once again. Dental implants are realistic substitutes for [...]

gums are sore after cleaning?

A common problem Many people express concern about sore gums following a dental cleaning. The cleaning process assists oral hygiene by stripping away decayed, built up plaque. This hard, yellowed substance resembles the mineral deposits that develop over time in the scaly deposits left behind in sinks and tubs. However, plaque consists of thousands [...]

Store Teeth Whitening trays safely

Bleaching stents, also called bleaching trays, take care of your teeth, but require care in return. Store your bleaching stents inside a container in a safe place.   Think of Safety First Many of us have small children or furry family members, both of whom seem to have no qualms about popping whatever they [...]

Is Teeth Whitening for me?

Why do teeth discolor? As we age our teeth naturally discolor. Other factors also affect how our teeth look, like if we have been on some medications. What we eat and drink, such as coffee or tea, can stain our teeth as well. Why would someone want to whiten their teeth? We only have [...]

a Dental Bridge Vs. a Dental Implant

What is a Dental Bridge? A dental bridge is an artificial tooth placed between teeth. It is directly attached to the jaw or under the gum tissue. It “bridges” the gap where one or more teeth are missing. Bridges are commonly made of gold, porcelain or a combination of both.   What is Dental [...]

Why Dental Implants are usually the right option?

There's a lot of different options to improve or replace one's teeth. Dental implants are the superior option for most people. But one might wonder, why choose dental Implants? There's a lot of reasons, some will come up more often than others. They're the most comfortable option It might seem counterintuitive, but implants are [...]

Are you the right candidate for Dental Implants?

Many people often wonder if they are good candidates for dental implants. It probably is not as difficult of a question as people tend to think it is. Using a few simple criteria anyone can tell if dental implants are right for them. First, if you have lost any teeth then dental implants are [...]

Time is of importance in choosing a Dental Implant

A space in the dental arrangement of an adult can be filled with a full range of bridge options. The two most common implants are single implants with crowns, and three-tooth bridges. Beyond cosmetic and economic factors, time should also be considered. Time is an important factor in bridge choice because as people age [...]

Advancements for Dental Implants

The advent of technology hasn’t changed the connection between our oral health and our dental treatments. In recent years, research has concluded that our overall health is connected to our dental well-being. Yet, even with the improvements in dental care, millions are experiencing tooth decay, and gum disease, triggering the need for advanced methods [...]