Why do teeth discolor?

As we age our teeth naturally discolor. Other factors also affect how our teeth look, like if we have been on some medications. What we eat and drink, such as coffee or tea, can stain our teeth as well.

Why would someone want to whiten their teeth?

We only have one chance to give a good first impression. This is very important in life and pertinent in job interviews or if you have an occupation working with people. It also helps boost self confidence by lightening teeth and removing stains and discoloration.

Is it affordable?

Cost depends on the type chosen and frequency. Over the counter whitening will cost from $5-50. Take home from the dentist is around $200-400. The in the office procedure will run from $300-1000. There is a more advanced process that is by laser. This is elective so you will be responsible for the cost. Usually you can pay for it in a couple of months. Some places run promotions and specials. Sometimes they come with free touch ups if you pay in full up front. Some people use a lender and borrow the amount. The cost could be tax deductible if you are an entertainer.

Teeth whitening can help with self esteem by removing stains, and it can whiten up to ten shades. Professional whitening is more potent than home whitening, so it can correct even the most difficult stains easier than over the counter methods. It can focus on one tooth or several at a time and is safe and effective. It usually takes only one treatment and can be done in less than an hour. An at home procedure that takes more than one time can be set up by the dentist that can be done at your own convenience.

Is dental whitening better than at home whitening?

Though both types of whitening are considered reasonably safe, to have the ultimate experience the dental whitening is more precise. A tray is involved and the dentist will have a more exact fit. A professional also is better able to make sure that the whitening agent ends up on the teeth and not excessively into the gum area. For optimal results and safety, look for a practitioner who is certified by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. If they have a gallery of pictures, look at the before and after and see if there is a notable difference. Friends can also give good recommendations. Stay away from ones that pressure you, or who cause you to feel uncomfortable because you will have follow up visits.

Riverside County Teeth Whitening is performed by Dr. Jyoti V. Desar!

Is teeth whitening for everyone?

When you have your initial consultation the condition of your teeth will be considered. Things that could affect how well teeth whitening will work for you are how much your teeth have been restored. The restored teeth will not respond to the whitening process the same untouched teeth. The teeth that benefit are the ones that are stained on the outer enamel. There is a deep whitening bleach available but care must be taken if the patient has worn enamel or sensitive teeth. A person might be too old if the teeth are already sensitive or excessively worn. If it appears your teeth will benefit from the whitening, then what type of whitening will be chosen. The teeth need to be prepped with a tooth cleaning by a dental hygienist.