Bleaching stents, also called bleaching trays, take care of your teeth, but require care in return. Store your bleaching stents inside a container in a safe place.


Think of Safety First

Many of us have small children or furry family members, both of whom seem to have no qualms about popping whatever they find in their mouth and giving it a good chew. The chemicals used to whiten teeth can be harmful if swallowed, not to mention the ick factor of finding your tray in your toddler’s mouth or between your dog’s paws getting a good lick. Children and animals could damage or lose your tray too. It’s best to store trays in a place closed up and beyond their reach to protect them from exposure to whitening chemicals and protect your tray from prying fingers and teeth.


A Clean Tray Equals a Clean Mouth

Most folks store all things beauty and hygiene related in the bathroom. Most folks do not realize, however, toilets release polluted vapors when flushed. Closing the lid does not contain the vapors as droplets are still able to escape through the cracks and settle onto exposed objects and surfaces. To avoid toilet vapors on the bleaching mouth guard, store it inside a cabinet instead of leaving it lying on a counter or exposed shelf. The same goes for your toothbrush. They will be further protected from other naturally occurring air dwellers like dust, dead skin cells and insects.


Protect Your Pocket Book

Bleaching stents take time and money to create. Take care of your stent so you don’t end up unnecessarily buying another one.

Bleaching trays are best protected when stored inside their containers in an enclosed cabinet in a high place after every single use.

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