Published on June 27, 2016, Updated on April 29, 2020

There’s a lot of different options to improve or replace one’s teeth. Dental implants are the superior option for most people. But one might wonder, why choose dental Implants? There’s a lot of reasons, some will come up more often than others.

They’re the most comfortable option

It might seem counterintuitive, but implants are more comfortable than removable options. The reason comes from how the bone in the jaw functions. Dental implants will fuse right into the surrounding bone and gum tissue. They feel like a part of your body, because they do actually become a real part of your body.

 Improved quality of speech

Everyone’s had the experience of trying to talk when they still have food in their mouths. It’s not easy, and speech tends to come out rather garbled. The same holds true when trying to speak with dentures. They often don’t have the proper fit for one’s mouth. And worse, they have slightly different positions every day. It makes it very difficult for people to properly adjust their speech to them. Dental implants become a real part of a patient’s mouth. They don’t move around or inhibit one’s speech. Because they’re as natural a part of the mouth as any other tooth.

Eating can be a pleasure again

The problem of sliding dentures can again be seen when people try to eat with them. When they’re in, they tend to move around in a very unnatural way during meals. Dental implants are fused right into one’s jaw. That means that they won’t move around, and they can be used just as one’s natural teeth would. Even the most forceful grinding with molars isn’t a problem with implants. While trying to do the same with dentures can be a rather difficult prospect.

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