Published on October 24, 2016, Updated on March 11, 2020


We are a dentist office in Riverside, CA that accept many types of PPO plans. Our dentist accept PPO and is covered by United Healthcare. For all employer-provided insurance plans, preventive care is covered almost entirely. Additional coverage varies from the three group PPO plans. With the Consumer MaxMultiplier, you are awarded for annual dental checkups by having an amount added to your maximum benefit the following year. Maximum benefits start at $1,000, $1,500 or $2,000. With the FlexAppeal Preventive MaxMultiplier, preventive and diagnostic services are covered completely and not applied to your deductible or maximum benefit. And with FlexAppeal Enhanced, you still have preventive care covered and have some additional basic and major service covered, including dental implants.

For individuals and families, there is a variety of plans, but an important thing to know is that there never deductibles for preventive care, and you have coverage for basic and major care as well.

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Our dentist accepts PPO and is covered by United Healthcare. Make an appointment with Victoria Village Dentistry’s top dentist in Riverside, Dr. Desar, today.

DISCLAIMER: This information is subject to change on behalf of the insurance company. We are providing this as an informal guide to help you determine which services at our office are covered by your insurance. For more detailed information, please see the insurance company’s website or call the customer service or member services number listed on most insurance ID cards. Updated as of 7/12/2016. The above logo & trademarks are property of United HealthCare Services, Inc.