We are a dentist office in Riverside, CA that accept many types of PPO plans. Our dentist accept PPO and is covered by IHC Group. IHC Group dental is a dental provider that allows you to choose your dentist. Individuals and families have two options for a dental PPO plan, Apex and Bay. Both have $50 deductibles and $1,000 maximum benefits. Apex then has 80% to 100% coverage of preventive care, 80% coverage of diagnostic and basic care, and 50% coverage of major care. Bay has 100% coverage of all preventive and diagnostic care and 50% coverage of basic care, but no coverage of major care.

All six of the PPO employee plans from IHC Group are covered: Super Value, Value, Copay, Traditional, Primary and Superior. Coverage ranges from 80% of preventive care and diagnostic, basic or major care to 100% of preventive and diagnostic care, up to 80% of basic care and up to 50% of major care. The easiest way to determine coverage of your service is to go to the IHC website and look at the Standard Flexident Plans chart under the Employer Group Dental Insurance section.

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DISCLAIMER: This information is subject to change on behalf of the insurance company. We are providing this as an informal guide to help you determine which services at our office are covered by your insurance. For more detailed information, please see the insurance company’s website or call the customer service or member services number listed on most insurance ID cards. Updated as of 7/12/2016. The above logo & trademarks are property of IHC Health Solutions.