When it comes to a cracked tooth, it is very important to go see a dentist right away. A cracked tooth is far different than a chipped tooth. A chipped tooth isn’t necessarily an emergency and it can be corrected and fixed without an issue. This kind of a dental procedure really just comes down to our dentist filling in the chipped off part of the tooth. However, a crack needs to be corrected right away.

If not, the crack is going to expand, split the entire tooth or even kill it off, which means the person might need to have the tooth completely removed or, at the very least, have a root canal performed in order to remove dead pulp from the inside of the tooth and then fix the crack.

Now, after visiting our dentist, they might point out a few different options regarding how to fix the problem. One of these options regarding restoring a cracked tooth is using a filling. You need to consider this before hand in order to make sure it is the best option for you.

Less Expensive

A filling is far less expensive than having the tooth completely removed for a replacement tooth. Now, in some cases, a replacement is needed as the crack is just too severe to be patched up with the filling. If the dentist recommends this it is always best to go with the recommendations of the dentist. However, if removing the tooth is not necessary, then going with the filling is probably a good idea.

Long Lasting

A filling can be long lasting and it is not going to fall out or be knocked out like a crown. Some cracks can come with the option of having a crown placed over the tooth. This is an option, but the problem with it is the crown can be knocked out. For the slight cracks, the filling is not going to be knocked out and it is going to remain in place. The last thing anyone wants is to have the secured material of a crack be knocked out as it opens up to the possibility of future damage. The filling does not have this kind of a problem and makes for a great opportunity for anyone who is looking to fix cracks in the teeth and who are able to correct this issue.

Perfect for Small Cracks

It really comes down to the severity of the crack in the tooth. If the tooth has a slight crack, the best course of action is probably the filling. The filling can help bond the two sides of the crack together and prevent it from spreading. It is also now possible to have the filling perfectly shaped for the tooth, so no matter where the crack is located, it can be filled in to fit the look and aesthetic of the teeth. The filling can be white, so it matches the same color of the teeth. However, if it is a front tooth that has cracked, there are some added variables to consider when it comes to this.

Consider Color

If it is a front tooth that has cracked, any crack on the front is going to require the filling to be applied to the front. Now, even though the filling does match initially, the color of teeth can change, which means the filling might not change in color along with the teeth, which may cause a slight color difference. Along the rear of the teeth or in the side teeth there is no problem, but this should be considered for front teeth.

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