What is Bone Grafting and Why Consider it?

Dental bone grafting is a type of oral surgery procedure.

  • It involves building up the dental bone that has eroded.
  • The bone may come from the hip but for most dental procedures, it comes from cows.
  • The procedure is done in a dental office within a couple of hours.

There are several reasons why dental bone grafting may be required.

  • The most common is when someone is getting a dental implant.
  • The bone grafting allows there to be a solid foundation for the implant to be attached to. Such a procedure may be necessary to ensure the jawbone is strong enough for chewing.
  • Cosmetically, the dental bone grafting can help to ensure the facial muscles and skin have the support they need.
  • Otherwise, it can cause the face to look aged or for the face to look uneven.

What is the Procedure for a Dental Bone Graft?

Step 1: Your dentist will have a consultation with you if they feel you are a good candidate for a dental bone graft. They will talk to you about why it is necessary.

For many individuals, there is plenty of anxiety that develops with a dental procedure pending. If your nervous it’s always a good idea to ask your dentist Riverside about it.  Knowing what it consists of can be very helpful.

Step 2: The procedure often involves eroded teeth being extracted. The jawbone area is prepared and the dental bone grafting is completed.

Sometimes, the jawbone will need to heal for several weeks before the actual grafting can be completed. Your dentist will instruct you once they have evaluated your gums and jawbone. Make sure you follow the instructions for eating and keep all of your follow up appointments.

Step 3: The dentist will cut the gum area to open your gum and allow the bone to be exposed. Holes are drilled that will be the location for metal posts. This is going to be in place of the actual root of a real tooth. That is why it has to go deep into the bone.

It can take up to 6 months before the area is secure enough for the next step in the surgical process. This is when the abutment is attached to it.

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Bone Grafting – Frequently Asked Questions