What Are Dentures?

Dentures are a prosthetic device, for which your dentist will fit and create for you, used to replace missing teeth. Dentures have also been known as “false teeth” in the past. Dentures are usually available in both the removable and permanent varieties, as well as in partial or full sets.Dentures can help to restore

Dentures can be made for:

  • Facial shape

  • Aid in the comfort of eating

  • Restore a great looking smile

  • Regain the loss of pronunciation that can come along with tooth loss

  • Regain confidence

  • Many people use dentures or partial dentures when they have their teeth extracted or due to tooth loss because of injury or aging.

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The Denture Procedure

The type of procedure that your specific dentures will require will depend on what type of dentures you and your Riverside dentist choose.

Step 1: Before dentures are placed patients will have the old tooth or teeth to be replaced completely extracted.

Step 2: You and your dentist, along with a periodontist will decide what type of dentures would be best for you and your insurance and budget.

Step 3: With removable replacement dentures there will be a process of measuring and fitting that may take place over the course of a few weeks and a few visits.

Step 4: When the dentures are completed, they will be fitted again and tested to insure that they do not slip or cause any pain or other complications such as speech difficulties.

Permanent dentures are also popularly known as dental implants and are quite different and much more natural that the removable type. The procedure for this type of dentures is a bit more invasive and complicated, but the permanent result can be well worth the extra cost and effort.

Dentures – Frequently Asked Questions

One of the reasons many people get dentures has to do with a loss of the ability to speak the same way they did before they lost or had their natural teeth removed, so for this reason replacing the lost teeth with dentures can actually help improve the quality of speech for most people, provided that the dentures fit properly, of course.
Dentures are not as strong as your natural teeth were, however with proper dental hygiene and regular dental exams and care, your dentures should last for several years if not a life time.

Only your dentist will be able to tell you when you should replace your dentures properly.

 Costs for Dentures vary based on your situation, please call us at (951) 276-2222 for your specific Denture cost. 

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