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Do You Need a Root Canal?

Infected nerves or pulp can cause an abscess if left untreated. There are a number of symptoms which could be indicators that you need a root canal. You may need one if:

  • You have severe tooth pain

  • Your tooth is very sensitive to hot or cold

  • Your gums near the tooth feel swollen or sore

  • Your tooth looks dark or discolored

A root canal is a dental procedure that involves removing the infected nerve or inflamed pulp inside a tooth. A dentist or endodontist removes the pulp, which goes from the crown of your tooth to the roots, then cleans and fills the inside canal space. You need tooth pulp when your teeth were developing, but mature teeth can survive without pulp.


What the Root Canal Procedure Involves

The dentist or endodontist who works on your tooth will go through a careful, surgical procedure. After x-raying the tooth, the dentist will numb the tooth with anesthetic and then isolate it to keep it clean.

We will then use instruments to open the crown of the tooth and clean out any damaged pulp. There is pulp both in the area called the pulp chamber and lower down in the canals of your tooth’s roots.

The dentist will clean and shape the space and then fill it up with a rubbery material and adhesive to seal the roots. You will probably receive a temporary filling and then go back for another appointment in which your tooth can be crowned. Sometimes a tooth needs extra help and a dentist will insert a post inside the tooth to support the tooth restoration work you’ve had done.

Saving your tooth through root canal will relieve toothache, restore your ability to chew and help you to keep your natural smile.

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Root Canal – Frequently Asked Questions

You may experience some sensitivity in your tooth area for a few days after the procedure. Your dental professional can let you know of over-the-counter pain medication or prescribe something.

Generally if you continue to feel sensitivity or pain past a few days, you should call your dentist.

Because the tooth is numbed, the procedure does not generally cause much pain or discomfort. And the end result is a lessening of tooth pain!
You may be in need of a root canal if you are experiencing severe pain, sensitivity, or pus around your teeth. The symptom of bad breath is also a sign.

All of these symptoms show after the tooth becomes damaged, or an infection develops on the pulp of the tooth.

It is possible to develop an infection around the tooth from the root canal. The causes and symptoms may vary depending on the type of infection.
Getting a root canal is very different from choosing an extraction. Extractions are the process of removing the current tooth and replacing it with a prosthetic replacement tooth.

Root canals are done to save the damaged pulp to allow you to keep your natural tooth.

For information on the cost of a root canal give us a call at (951) 276-2222. 

The crown is not a necessity after receiving a root canal. There is the use of fillings as a choice or you have the option of crowns for the root canal procedure.

It is used to refill the tooth in the process of the root canal reconstruction.

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