Why You Should Choose Denture Stabilization

There are several reasons why people choose denture stabilization over regular dentures.

  • Any time your dentures are not fitting right, or they are moving around in your mouth, they become uncomfortable and cause pain.

  • The pain from your dentures make it hard to eat, and talk.

  • If your dentures rub too much, they form a callus called epulis, and it requires oral surgery to remove the epulis.

Denture stabilization enables you to be able to eat and talk again. Also, since you no longer have sliding dentures, you will be able to retain your jaw bone. Our Riverside dentist can help.

Dr. Jyoti V. Desar has helped several patients  feel confident about denture stabilization and alleviate any anxiety during the procedure.

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 How The Denture Stabilization Procedure Works

Denture stabilization is an implant that is inserted into the sockets of your jaw bone, that replaces the root portion of your missing teeth. It makes it possible to replace your teeth without adhesive.

Step 1: The procedure starts with anesthetizing the patients gums and jaw.

Step 2: Then the dentist uses a special drill to create a place for each implant.

Most patients have six tiny implants that are held by a small finger driver that inserts the implant and acts as a screw driver.

Step 3: Then a winged wrench is used to tighten the implants.

Step 4: Next, a ratchet wrench firmly seats the implants into place, and snaps them into place

Denture Stabilization – Frequently Asked Questions