tTemporary crowns serve a key purpose on the road to gorgeous, new permanent crowns. These in-between teeth perform several, good deeds before the final restoration step can proceed.

Temporary crowns are not forever, but they should be treated just like your natural teeth or permanent crowns. These durable temps are built from acrylic resin and act like a protective shield for the prepared tooth until it receives its permanent crown. Don’t be fooled though, because these temps have limited durability.

The most important question: Can temporary crowns be brushed or flossed?

Yes and yes, but with more tender loving care. Temporary crowns, like all teeth in your mouth, need to be kept clean but using a vigorous brushing 

motion is not advised. Although temp crowns are fairly strong, they can break off or loosen from the temporary cement base if you become careless.

Do not use an electric toothbrush on temp crowns, but instead brush carefully and softly around the temporary crowns with a regular toothbrush. Or you could buy a children’s toothbrush and use the super soft bristles for extra gentleness until your permanent crowns are inserted.

Flossing requires a bit more strategy when removing the floss from temporary crowns. Do not floss normally which means pulling it up through the contact between the adjoining tooth and the temporary. This time, slowly pull the floss string to the side to slide it out. In other words, do not pull against the temporary crown. You don’t want to irritate the gums and already sensitive area around the temporary crown.

Dentists advise flossing temporary crowns twice a day.

These smart care tips will serve you well until your new, permanent crowns are inserted for your brand new smile.

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