Ultrasonic cleaning is one of the best methods to rid your teeth of stains and bacteria in a comfortable and quick fashion. Ultrasonic dental cleaners have been around in the field of dentistry for a while now.


What is Ultrasonic Dental Cleaning?

It is a faster way to clean teeth and reduce the discomfort patients feel when using other methods, like hand scaling.

An ultrasonic cleaning device is a pen-like machine with electromagnetic forces that cause its tip to vibrate rapidly. A stream of water/antibacterial mouthwash is used to cool down the tip of the device and also flush away the impurities in the area being treated.

Consequently, the force of the vibrating tip causes the water to break into millions of tiny bubbles. This force ruptures the walls of bacteria and loosens stuck particles.

This treatment specializes in removing plaque, calculus, tartar, and stains. Without an ultrasonic cleaner, a hygienist may have to manually scrape off tartar build-up. Not only is it a longer procedure,  but it’s also less pleasurable to have this manual cleaning.


What to Expect During The Procedure

Generally, this type of in-office deep cleaning is faster than a manual scaling method. So, you’ll be in and out of the dental office faster than if you were to undergo a manual scaling.

Many patients prefer this method because the specialist has to use less force while the vibrating tip does all the work. Moreover, the tip only touches your teeth for a short time and causes little or no discomfort.

In case you have sensitive teeth, a slimmer tip can be used on the scaler to ensure that you experience little or no discomfort.  Also, the flow of water, frequency of tip vibration, and power range can also be adjusted for increased comfort.

Patients with excess tartar build-up can significantly benefit from an ultrasonic cleaning procedure. Likewise, it is very effective in getting rid of stains, particularly coffee or cigarette stains.

Special tips are also available to clean porcelain restorations, titanium implants, and enamel loss.


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A Confident Smile Starts From Home

Definitely, this procedure will remove stains and tartar build-up on your teeth. However, you can prevent them from occurring in the first place, if you maintain good oral hygiene, such as brushing and flossing regularly. Finally, you need to visit your dental specialist for check-ups and deep cleaning at least once every six months.  Schedule an appointment with our office today.