If your life is impacted by missing teeth, dental implants may be a perfect fit for you. Perhaps your dentures no longer fit as securely as before. Maybe you have loose teeth that need to be supported. Or it could be that you just want to eat, speak and smile comfortably once again.

Dental implants are realistic substitutes for teeth, which are made up of small screws to replace your root and attached crowns to replace the visible part of your tooth. Because implants are directly attached to the jawbone, they are far more secure than other tooth replacement options. Dental implants look and feel natural. With proper care, they are capable of enduring for years and possibly for a lifetime.

To qualify for a dental implant, you must have good overall and oral health. Consult your dentist to find out if you have sufficient qualifications for this procedure. And once you receive the implant, it is absolutely vital to commit to a lifetime of excellent oral hygiene habits.

The success rate of dental implants is excellent, so the return on your financial investment is high. And an implant really offers priceless advantages. We have countless dental implant patients return for a checkup with restored confidence in their smiles, and there’s no other prosthetic tooth that will give you the same level of success.