Many people often wonder if they are good candidates for dental implants. It probably is not as difficult of a question as people tend to think it is. Using a few simple criteria anyone can tell if dental implants are right for them.

First, if you have lost any teeth then dental implants are probably a good idea. It can be hard to chew properly with missing teeth. This can lead to other problems such as uneven wearing of the remaining teeth.


Implants can end embarrassment

Missing teeth can also be embarrassing, especially if they are in a visible spot in your mouth. Dental implants can replace these missing teeth and make your smile whole again.

Another thing is that if you have broken teeth. Some broken teeth can be capped. However, some can not. These teeth should be pulled. Broken teeth have a good chance of becoming infected. These infections can cause any number of more serious problems in your mouth. Having these teeth removed and replaced by dental implants is a good idea to keep a healthy mouth. There are several types of dental implants ranging from single tooth replacements to fixed or removable multiple tooth replacements. Whatever your needs, there are implants that are right for you. All dental implants require the same care as normal teeth; brushing, flossing, etc.

There may be some health problems that would prevent you from being a good candidate for dental implants. Some of these are uncontrolled gum disease, cancer, or uncontrolled diabetes. If you have one of these conditions, please ask your dentist if dental implants are safe for you.

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